Wedding gifts ideas

The wedding is one of the most memorable and vivid events in a person's life, but finding an interesting, stylish, original and at the same time suitable gift for the celebration can be a challenge. That is why we have gathered for you a rich selection of selected gift ideas. Browse and choose your favorite proposal for an original surprise.

A gift with a cause

a gift of charity

Perhaps the best gift a bride and groom can receive from their guests is a gift with a cause. In this way, guests will have the opportunity to support various charitable activities or something significant for the whole world. An example of a gift with a cause is the Adopt Beehive initiative, which supports beekeepers and the development of biodiversity through beekeeping. By receiving a gift with a cause, the newlyweds have the opportunity to become involved in a great and noble idea.

Family photo shoot

Family photo shoot

Another good gift idea for a bride and groom is a family photo shoot. In it, lovers can immortalize their happiest moments of shared love! Shoot the butterflies in the stomach. This photo shoot can also take place during their honeymoon. Customize your family photo voucher with a message. By purchasing a voucher, the newlyweds have time to decide for themselves when to take the family photo shoot.

Rest and vacation


Holidays and vacations are great gift ideas for the bride and groom. If you are a guest, godfather or godmother, offering a voucher for a holiday, you will be able to present the best - to organize a honeymoon or at least help organize the honeymoon, extending its duration with a spa weekend and special relaxation packages.

Balloon flight

Balloon flight gifts

Ballooning is an exceptional and unique experience that everyone should share with a loved one. That's why it's a great gift idea for a bride and groom. Give them a bird's eye view and breathtaking natural beauty!

Picnic basket

picnic basket

If the couple is fond of walks and picnics in the mountains, they will love this gift. And if you want to be even more original, you can add a limited bottle of wine, two glasses, a set of utensils, a tablecloth and, of course, a corkscrew to the basket.

Engraved silver spoons

silver spoons gift

If you can afford it, it's best to donate a full set of silver cutlery, but if your budget is more limited, you can buy two silver spoons to engrave their names or a message on. And if you want your gift to cheer up the couple, you can complement it with a small silver spoon as a wish to soon increase the family.